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TV3 to Host Lordy Drax On Saturday Music Music

Ghanaian popular entertainment channel TV3 to host lordy drax Nima-Mamobi based dancehall artist on coming Saturday Music Music.
The management of the Hero hit maker has accept the proposer from TV station and thanks them for giving their artist the opportunity to mount their stage with other top artists in the Music industry.
Jhadaa Music Record label have asked  the general public to come and cheer up their artist while he mount the big stage on Saturday coming at TV3 studio B.

How Rudebwoy Friend Reply A Facebook User Rudely

Rudebwoy friend on facebook took the fight on behave of Rudebwoy ranking, a popular dancehall artist in Ghana.
 Rudebwoy ranking has been known as one of the popular dancehall musician in the music industry.
A facebook user wrote in the comment section of the dancehall artist Rudebwoy shedding him for not having branding, this led the die-hard fan and also a reggae artist Isa Choky reply defending his friend rudebwoy ranking.