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Juventus footballer Daniele Rugani tests positive for coronavirus

Italian football club Juventus announced on Wednesday that one of its players, defender Daniele Rugani, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Rugani, who also plays for the Italian national team, is the first player in the country's top football league to test positive for the virus, as the outbreak continues to spread in the country. The club said Rugani and "those who have had contact with him" are being isolated. It also said the footballer is not showing any symptoms of the disease.
Juventus trained earlier on Wednesday, although it was unclear whether Rugani was present. The club had said earlier that forward Cristiano Ronaldo was still in Portugal "pending developments related to the current health emergency" after visiting his mother - who had a stroke last week.
he outbreak of the virus has led to a nationwide lockdown in Italy, where football and all other sports have been suspended until April 3. However, Juventus is scheduled to play French club Lyon at h…

20 collapse After Ghosts chase Nungua SHS students

20 collapse After Ghosts chase Nungua SHS students In the 1990s in Ghana, there was always the rumors of ghosts in some secondary school. It was believed by many students that they cause havoc and bring disease to students who set eyes on them. But as we entered the 2000s those rumors died down and it was believed was just the figment of an imagination of students. But it appears those imaginations are coming back in 2018. Twenty students from Nugua secondary school have reportedly collapsed upon setting their eyes on ghosts in the school and are currently on admission at the LEKMA Hospital receiving treatment. According to the students, they have been seeing ghosts in different shapes whiles others are saying they keep seeing the ghost of dead students from the school. Speaking to Citi FM as observed by, Dr. Joseph Oliver Commey, a Physician Specialist at the LEKMA hospital confirmed that the students on admission have indeed informed them they have been seeing ghosts in …