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Juventus footballer Daniele Rugani tests positive for coronavirus

Italian football club Juventus announced on Wednesday that one of its players, defender Daniele Rugani, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Rugani, who also plays for the Italian national team, is the first player in the country's top football league to test positive for the virus, as the outbreak continues to spread in the country. The club said Rugani and "those who have had contact with him" are being isolated. It also said the footballer is not showing any symptoms of the disease.
Juventus trained earlier on Wednesday, although it was unclear whether Rugani was present. The club had said earlier that forward Cristiano Ronaldo was still in Portugal "pending developments related to the current health emergency" after visiting his mother - who had a stroke last week.
he outbreak of the virus has led to a nationwide lockdown in Italy, where football and all other sports have been suspended until April 3. However, Juventus is scheduled to play French club Lyon at h…

Nigerian Musicians Are Doing Better Than Ghana Musicians, Here Are the Reasons

Nigerian Musicians Are Doing Better Than Ghana Musicians, Here Are the Reasons

Ghana Music for some times back was known worldwide due to the content and hard work of the various artists in the Industry, Even though there is no competition among the two industry but there is a gap between the two industries in terms of how far their work goes worldwide.
Nigeria music promote new artists very seconds, and almost all their music crosses borders due to their way of doing music their language bearer, Most Nigeria artists are been nominated in various music awards in the world, The fact that Nigerians musicians are doing better than Ghana musicians does not mean Ghanaian Musicians are not doing anything.
There are some qualities and reasons why Nigerians Musicians are going worldwide than Ghana Musicians. 
There are top musicians in Ghana such as; Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Sakordie, Becca, Samini and some few artists who are known worldwide.
 In every year, Nigerian Music Industry produces new y…