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Meet the actress who sent her naked video to Movie Producer for Fame.

Meet the actress who sent her  naked video to Movie Producer for Fame. The wife of popular Kumawood movie producer and director Francis Dzogbetsi popularly known as Nebu Ur’ Majesty has exposed a wannabe actress who sent her husband naked video and photos of herself to entice him to cast her in a movie in her attempt to enter mainstream acting.
Nora Frimpong Manson is the wife of Nebu Ur’ Majesty and she clearly wouldn’t tolerate sharing her husband with any woman and she definitely wouldn’t tolerate any woman enticing her husband with naked videos.
The lady who sent the video Nora’s husband is called Queen Lissa on Facebook and she didn’t hesitate to call her out and warned her whiles she sharing the naked video sent to her husband.

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Aspiring Kumawood actress called Elizabeth Gyabi sends her n-due video to a director so she can be casted in a movie A post shared by GHPage•Com (@ghpagedotcom) on Oct 9, 2018 at 12:55am PDT