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Juventus footballer Daniele Rugani tests positive for coronavirus

Italian football club Juventus announced on Wednesday that one of its players, defender Daniele Rugani, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Rugani, who also plays for the Italian national team, is the first player in the country's top football league to test positive for the virus, as the outbreak continues to spread in the country. The club said Rugani and "those who have had contact with him" are being isolated. It also said the footballer is not showing any symptoms of the disease.
Juventus trained earlier on Wednesday, although it was unclear whether Rugani was present. The club had said earlier that forward Cristiano Ronaldo was still in Portugal "pending developments related to the current health emergency" after visiting his mother - who had a stroke last week.
he outbreak of the virus has led to a nationwide lockdown in Italy, where football and all other sports have been suspended until April 3. However, Juventus is scheduled to play French club Lyon at h…

Usain Bolt Promise Jamaicans for Developments as he has Become real estate investor!

Usain Bolt Promise Jamaicans for Developments as he has Become real estate investor!
The sports celebrity confirmed his association with a Half-Way Tree project on Instagram, saying it was one of several to come, but gave no more details.
Dressed in construction gear, Usain Bolt posted a picture of himself standing in front of the construction site.
You heard it here first. First of many!! #NoLimits,” he cationed the photo.
It’s rumored that the development, which is being managed by Gary Matalon’s and Richard Levee’s company, Neustone Limited, will be leased to business process outsourcing clients on completion, but that, too, is to be confirmed.
While Usain Bolt appears to be confirming that he is an investor in the property, it’s still unclear whether he is a majority or minority owner and what stake, if any, his development partners hold.
Usain Bolt and Gary Matalon are long-time business partners through KLE Group Limited, the listed company that oversees a casual-dining outfit to whi…

Popcaan Diss Alkaline On Instagram “Battywash Man”

Popcaan Diss Alkaline On Instagram “Battywash Man”

Popcaan didn’t mince his words when dissing Alkaline and his supporters on Instagram.
The “Batty Wash” phrase will forever be associated with Alkaline thanks to a single line in one of his biggest hit songs, “F*** You.” Popcaan posted a pic of himself and his artist Quada while telling his fans that Unruly will be taking over dancehall in 2019. “@quadawellbad #2019 trouble deh a them foot #unrulyent watch unruly f***ing up the whole 2019… them better go install some wing them already know me nuh beg bomboclaat friend,” the Unruly Boss wrote.
One Alkaline fan left a comment on the post saying, “F***ry ya chat pu**y.” That statement didn’t sit well with Popcaan who is known to clap back hard at trolls on his page. “@teamalkaline a you f*** battywash man? Pu**y unnu done dead off already enuh battyman.”
After this exchange, it begs the question, why is a Vendetta fan on Popcaan page? It’s a part of the game, fans of rival artists regularly t…

Here Are The Secret Behind All Top Football Team Owners Around The World

Top Football Team Owners Around The World

The Real Madrid is a sporting club that belong to its "socios/members", like other two clubs in Spain - Barcelona and Atletico de Bilbao. I'm "socio" of the Real Madrid.
Every 4 years the members of the club vote to choose a new president between the others members. The team have around 80.000 socios. The "socios" pay every year a money (similar to a season ticket) to see the team and to use the sporting installations. Many years ago that was the principal support for the team, but now the principal support are the TV rights and the merchandising.
The Real is the team that win more money with the Pay per view in Spain. Also the team have its own TV channel that is the soccer club TV channel with more subscribers in the world. The Real is the most famous club in the world or at least the one with best history (i've been subjetive but i think that is true). The team was named for FIFA the best soccer club of the…